Convergence Engineering

Convergence has merged with ATA Engineering, Inc. in San Diego, CA as of October 2012. Feel free to review this site for Dr. Davis's work experience.

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Primary Contact
Rory R. Davis, Ph.D., P.E.
Chief Engineer

1638 Finch Drive
Gardnerville, NV 89410

(775) 790-6496

We are highly experienced in design, analysis, and testing of mechanical systems and components. We particularly specialize in advanced composite structures, aerospace thermo-structural analysis, multi-disciplinary optimization, and motorsports components

CEC staff includes professional mechanical engineers in the states of Nevada and California. We use advanced engineering tools, such as ANSYS and NASTRAN finite element analysis, VRAND optimization codes, and SolidWorks CAD.

We have an on-site testing laboratory, operated by our sister organization SquidTech LLC, with capabilities to test articles as small as composite coupons and as large as whole NHRA Top Fuel car chassis. Testing can include open and closed loop control as well as data acquisition and photogrammetric deformation measurement.

Specific disciplines we regularly undertake are:

  • Finite element technology including structural statics, modal, shock, and vibration, steady state and transient heat transfer, acoustics, and fluid slosh and structural interaction. High cycle and low cycle fatigue are common topics, as well as static stress and strain, yield and burst.
  • Composites and metals design including well developed skills for optimal structural, thermal, and lightweight design of complex structures, and in depth understanding of aerospace design and qualification requirements. Static, HCF/LCF fatigue, creep.
  • System dynamics, optimization, and sensitivity analysis, including multiple energy domains (for instance, rocket engine thermo-structural-fluid-combustion systems).
  • Probabilistic and statistical methods in engineering, including reliability analysis, sensitivity analysis, experiment design, response surface methodology, and stochastic simulation.
  • Commercial product design including design for producibility, verification analysis, prototype testing, and quality control planning and testing.
  • Rotordynamics design and analysis with subjects such as wind turbines, turbomachinery, and centrifuge separators.
  • Mechanisms design and analysis including kinematics and kinetics.
  • Engineering codes development including analysis methods, algorithms, and programming/implementation. Special expertise developing ANSYS based automated FEA systems for complex structural systems (for instance, vertical axis wind turbines).
  • Legal engineering support including product liability and patent litigation, plaintiff and defense. Research, failure analysis, design verification analysis, supporting testing, and testimony.
  • Structural testing including material characterization coupons (composites and metals), static load, low cycle fatigue, modal, and operational tests (quasi-static and dynamic). Measurement with accelerometers, deflectometers, load cells, strain gages, thermocouples, RTDs, and photogrammetry. Signal processing such as filtering, windowing, FFT.
  • Thermo-fluid testing such as laser weapon heat exchanger circuits, closed loop control verification, and cold flow tests of rocket combustor hardware.
  • On site testing including motorsports on-track testing, modal vibration testing, operating dynamic testing.